Visit the Air Raid Shelter of La Garriga

The Civil War, from 1936 to 1939, has decisively marked the evolution and history of our country. And it has also marked the memory and the memories of many people. Places, buildings, facts that remain in the memory of the people who lived them.

In Garriga, many of these places are closely linked with the architectural heritage of the urban nucleus. We propose, then, a walk through the urban center Garriguense, following some of the main sites linked with the memories of the war and enjoying, at the same time, of the patrimony of the town. A small sample of a history and heritage that intertwine and make sense together.

In the Garriga, in addition, you can visit two museum spaces linked to the memory of the war: the air raid shelter of the station and the Airfield of Rosanes.



Ronda del Carril, 49, La Garriga, Cataluña, 08530, Espanya.

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